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Review: Sammi Elston’s Vocals Shine On “Down To The River”!

Photo: Sammi Elston “Down To The River” YouTube Video.

Alternative indie-pop singer-songwriter Sammi Elston has uploaded an acoustic version of her song “Down To The River”!

The song features a haunting melody that showcases the natural purity behind Sammi’s astonishing voice.

The acoustic nature of the song help’s to highlight the alluring elements behind this artist’s vocals & showcases the emotive passion that Sammi clearly possesses.

It’s not hard to find yourself feeling lost within the emotional essence of the song & will quickly be clicking that replay button.

I believe that Sammi has a very exciting musical career ahead of her & I can’t wait to see what is in store for this gifted artist in the near future.

You can check out “Down To The River” on YouTube below.

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