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Review: Madison Kozak Releases The Brand New Single “First Last Name”!

Upcoming country singer/songwriter Madison Kozak has released the emotive new single “First Last Name”!

Written alongside Claire Douglas and James Slater, this song focuses on the special bond that is shared between Madison & her father, & was given to him as a present on fathers day (Isn’t that sweet!).

I believe that this song highlights the sentimental factors behind Madison’s pure & angelic voice, which gives you a chance to see more from the artist behind the music.

The heartfelt passion behind the lyrics instantly hits you from the moment you first hear this magical song & allows you to relate your own emotion’s to story behind the lyrics.

There is an alluring quality that features deep within this gifted artist’s vocals that help’s to showcase her creative musical qualities. It won’t be long before we are seeing this artist taking over the charts!

You can check out “First Last Name” on Spotify below.

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