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Review: Emily Frith Release The Brand New Single “Out”!

Country-pop singer-songwriter Emily Frith has released the heartfelt new single titled “Out”!

The song focuses on the emotions you experience when you start to feel a heartfelt connection to someone who changes your perspective on the way you want to live your life.

This enchanting ballad features a soothing piano melody that captures your instant connection & allures you with the emotional essence that features deep within this incredible musical release.

The lyrics feature a beauty within them that Emily perfectly brings out with the angelic textures that feature inside the emotive nature of her astonishing voice.

Emily has a natural musical gift that has the power to captivate an audience’s attention from the very first listen & I know that this gifted artist has a very bright career within the near future.

You can check out this latest release on Spotify below.

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