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Review: Anna Odobescu Releases The Brand New Single “Dreaming”!

Photo: Anna Odobescu “Dreaming” YouTube.

Moldovan musician Anna Odobescu has released her brand new single titled “Dreaming”!

Written by Georgios Kalpakidis, Niklas Bergqvist, Simon Johansson, & Gloria Gorceag. This latest single showcases the angelic qualities behind Anna’s dynamic & beautiful voice & features the potential to engage the listener’s full attention from the very first listen.

This power ballad features a variety of emotive lyrics that showcases the elegant charm behind this artist’s incredible voice.

There is also a natural beauty behind Anna’s inspiring voice that help’s to bring the emotive & heartfelt energy behind the lyrics to life, which gives us the opportunity of seeing the powerful vocals that this artist possesses.

You can check out “Dreaming” on YouTube below.

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