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Review: QUEEVA Releases Her Debut Album ‘How Do You Know’!

15-year-old rising country music sensation QUEEVA has released her debut album titled ‘How Do You Know‘!

QUEEVA’s debut album feature s a 9-track playlist that delivers a variety of soulful & catchy songs that lay a solid foundation for a very promising musical career.

This budding young singer-songwriter has combined her passion for country, alongside a mixture of Celtic sounds. To deliver a combination of unique & instantly recognisable songs that showcase her creativity as an artist.

There is something enchanting that features within this talented artist’s music, which help’s to show the visionary energy that this gifted artist possesses while showcasing the impressive quality behind her outstanding voice.

I strongly believe that this artist has a very exciting & promising career ahead of her. I would not be surprised to see this musician making huge waves throughout the country music scene very shortly.

You can check out the full album on Spotify below.

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