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Review: Louise Parker Vocals Shine On Upcoming Single “Rear View Mirror”!

Essex based singer/songwriter Louise Parker is due to release her brand new single on July 19th 2019, & I have had the opportunity of having a sneak peek of this upcoming release!

Following on from the recent releases of ‘Paradise’, ‘Chances Are’ and ‘Paradise (Mouse Remix)’, Louise is bringing us another breath of fresh air in the form of “Rear View Mirror”.

Speaking about her latest release, Louise said “Rear View Mirror is an upbeat, sassy story about realising I deserve better. It is having an epiphany at a crossroad in life and choosing to not stand for anything less than perfection. I wrote it for all the women and men who have risen up in the face of adversity and been the stronger and better people.”

She continues “Rear View Mirror was born from a streak of road rage. A BMW wouldn’t let me overtake on the M25, as I put my foot down and passed them I thought ‘you suit my rear view mirror…’. The chorus I wrote whilst driving, all the rest came later. Probably one of the
easiest songs I’ve ever written. I’m a great driver, promise!”

This single features an acoustic guitar feel that help’s to showcase the pure & natural energy behind Louise’s voice, & gives this talented artist the chance to deliver a heartwarming performance that will leave you craving more!

I believe that this single has allowed Louise to deliver a charismatic performance that showcases the unique & exceptional qualities that demonstrate this rising star’s remarkable talent.

This single will only help to pave the way for a bright & promising musical career, & it won’t be long before we are seeing Louise making huge waves on the country music scene.

You can pre-order “Rear View Mirror” by clicking the link here.

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