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Review: Sabrina Carpenter Releases The Brand New Single “Fakin It”!

American singer & actress Sabrina Carpenter has released her new single in the build-up to the release of her brand-new album Singular: Act II, which is set to be finding it’s way towards many of our playlists this time next week!

“Fakin It” is produced by Andrés Torres & Mauricio Rengifo and features an extremely catchy chorus that speaks about the ups & downs that come from being in a relationship.

The song features an irresistible hook that highlights the engaging & relatable aspects behind the lyrics, which gives you more of an opportunity to build a connection with the song from the very first listen.

With this song set to join the likes of “In My Bed”, “Exhale”, & “Pushing 20”. You can’t help but feel drawn into the excitement for this upcoming album release, as each of these songs has shown the versatility behind Sabrina’s incredible vocals while continuing the trend of delivering a marvellous musical release.

You can check out “Fakin It” on Spotify below.

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