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Review: Madeline Merlo Releases The Brand New Single “Dear Me”!

Canadian country singer-songwriter Madeline Merlo has released the inspirational new single “Dear Me”!

Written alongside Maddie Larkin, Abram Dean & David Fanning. This latest release features an inspiring message about staying loyal to yourself & focusing your energy into the thing’s that make you happiest in life.

The song showcases the natural power behind Madeline’s meaningful vocals & expresses the charismatic qualities behind this talented artist’s musical style.

Madeline display’s a seamless vocal performance that highlights the purity behind her voice, which has given us the opportunity of seeing more of the artist behind the music.

This latest single carries a promising & encouraging message that I believe we should all be associating into our own lives, alongside a variety of radiant vocals that help you to engage with the song on a more in-depth level.

You can check out “Dear Me” on Spotify below.

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