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Review: Madeline McDonald Releases The Brand New Single “Better In The Past”!

Country singer-songwriter Madeline McDonald has released the brand new single “Better In The Past”!

This song focuses on the emotions you experience when you start looking back on a past relationship & consider relighting the flame that was once between you. However, you soon realise that sometimes things are better left behind in the past & decide to walk away from someone who could easily break your heart again.

The leisurely pace behind the backing track, help’s to build on the emotive passion behind the touching lyrics & showcase the beauty behind Madeline’s pure & distinctive voice.

There is an enchanting energy behind this latest release that beautifully presents the elegance that features deep within this talented artist’s distinctive musical style.

I believe that Madeline possesses a unique musical gift that is able to create a captivating connection from the first time you listen. The beauty within her voice is another factor to be admired, & I would not be surprised if we are seeing this artist taking over the charts in the near future.

You can check out “Better In The Past” on Spotify below.

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