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Review: Hildur Releases The Brand New EP ‘Intuition’!

Rising Icelandic singer/songwriter Hildur has released her brand new EP titled ‘Intuition’!

This 5-track EP features a number of soulful & electropop influenced songs, which contain a variety of expressive undertones that give you the opportunity to see the person behind the music.

The first single “Picture Perfect” features a haunting melody that builds slightly throughout the duration of the song, to give Hildur the chance to embrace the full passionate nature behind the lyrics.

Next up is the catchy midtempo track “Everyday”, which features an electropop/techno texture within the backing track to help show more of a soulful nature behind Hildur’s voice.

The third track “1993” journies back through Hildur’s life & gives us a chance to get to see more from the artist behind the music. The soothing tones highlight’s this artist’s sensitive & passionate vocal textures while showcasing her individuality as a musician.

Another soulful ballad, “Woman At War” features a message that many of us relate to, & gives the raw purity behind this artist’s incredible voice a chance to deliver a captivating performance that you find yourself feeling lost within from the first time that you hear it.

Finishing of this EP is “Work”, an expressive midtempo song that shows the fun & lively textures that feature within Hildur’s voice. Head’s up this song has the power to have you dancing & singing along from the first time you listen to it, so don’t say I did not warn you!

Overall, I believe that this EP has showcased the versatility behind Hildur’s incredible voice while delivering a back-to-back stream of songs that give you a strong sense of the direction that Hildur wants to continue with her music.

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.

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