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Review: Rachael Fahim Releases The Brand New Single “Crush”!

Upcoming country/pop music sensation Rachael Fahim has released her brand new single titled “Crush”!

This latest single focuses on the emotions you experience while developing a crush for someone around you & how it starts to take over your life (We’ve all been there).

This infectious country-pop number help’s to showcase the powerhouse energy behind Rachael’s incredible voice, while also showing the passionate nature behind this incredibly talented artist.

The song features a number of catchy hooks that show the fun & exciting harmonies behind this gifted artist, which help’s you to engage more with the song itself.

This song is the lead single behind Racheal’s upcoming EP ‘Iconic’, beside another 6 tracks that include a duet alongside Toyota Starmake.

You can check out “Crush” on Spotify below.

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