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Review: Noelene Power Releases The Brand New Single “Damaged”!

Upcoming singer-songwriter Noelene Power has released the emotive new single titled “Damaged”!

This brand new single highlights the emotions we experience when we feel that the world is against us & the journey we undertake to rediscover ourselves again.

The song showcases Noelene’s incredible vocals, by highlighting the emotive & passionate textures that feature deep within her angelic voice.

The way that this talented artist has used the raw purity behind her voice to deliver a heartfelt performance for the full duration of this song is a musical gift that should be admired.

This song features a sincere tone that brings out the authentic nature behind the lyrics & has the opportunity for us to build a connection from the very first listen.

I feel that Noelene has delivered an incredible piece of music that showcases her individuality as an artist & paves the way for a very exciting & promising musical career.

You can check out “Damaged” on Spotify below.

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