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Review: Elizabeth Geradi Releases The Debut Single “Putting Up With Me”!

Upcoming country music sensation Elizabeth Gerardi has released her debut single titled “Putting Up With Me”!

This feel-good number is a thank you to the lucky person in Elizabeth’s life, who treats her like a queen & stands by her side no matter what.

I believe that this catchy single has given this talented musician the chance to showcase the fun & bubbly textures behind her voice, which gives the listeners more of a chance to get to know the artist behind the music.

The natural undertones behind Elizabeth’s vocals perfectly enhance the fun & organic lyrics behind the song & will have you wanting to listen to this song on repeat for a long while to come!

One of the key factors about this debut release is that it set’s up a solid foundation for Elizabeth to expanded her creative musical talent while showing the world what a naturally gifted artist she is. I don’t think it will be long before we see Elizabeth making waves on the country music scene!

You can check out “Putting Up With Me” on Spotify below.

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