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Review: Eye Cue Release The Brand New Single “Love Me Hate Me”!

Pop-rock band Eye Cue has released their brand new single titled “Love Me Hate Me”!

This latest release focuses on falling for someone who fills your world with euphoria every time that you are around them.

The backing track features a soothing tone that includes a soulful twist that helps to capture the emotive nature that was intended to feature throughout the lyrics.

The song perfectly highlights Marija’s intense & beautiful voice, & help’s to bring the passionate meaning behind the song to life through the refined undertone that surrounds this latest release.

Eye Cue has delivered another creative song that features the captivating energy that we have come to love from this band over recent years & I know this will be a song I continue to listen to for the foreseeable future.

You can check out “Love Me Hate Me” on Spotify below.

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