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Review: Molly-Anne’s Vocals Shine On “In Your Dreams”!

Upcoming country musician & award-winning songwriter Molly-Anne has gone from strength to strength after the release of the debut EP ‘Glow’ last year, which was swiftly accompanied by the release of this talented artist’s second EP ‘Songs Of The South‘.

Recently Molly-Anne has followed up her string of successes with the release of the soulful & enchanting single “In Your Dreams”.

This single has helped to highlight the embracing & captivating quality behind this artist’s voice, & gives this incredible talent an opportunity to showcase the beauty within her vocals.

The soulful elements behind Molly-Anne’s voice have brought the purity behind the lyrics of this incredible song to life through the enchanting texture that this artist possesses.

There are so many exciting opportunities ahead of this naturally gifted artist & I know it won’t be long before we are seeing Molly-Anne heading towards the top of the charts.

You can check out “In Your Dreams” on Spotify below.

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