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Review: Isobel Thatcher Releases The Brand New EP ‘On My Own’!

Acoustic singer/songwriter Isobel Thatcher has recently released her highly anticipated second EP ‘On My Own’, which brings with it a country & blue’s feel.

The four-track EP features a number of songs that highlight the natural soulful texture behind Isobel’s pure voice & gives the listeners a chance to see the person behind the music.

Each song features something that you can feel connects with Isobel on a personal level, which gives you an opportunity to connect with each song on more than one level.

I feel that each song is a pure statement to Isobel’s musical gift & gives this talented artist the chance to deliver a passionate performance for the full duration of this EP. Certainly, an EP that you will want to be listening to.

You can listen to the full EP on Spotify below.

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