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Review: Naomi Scott Showcases Pure Emotion With The Brand New Single “Speechless”!

Not long ago, the Disney live-action version of Aladdin hit the screens & brought with it a remastered soundtrack from the original that featured a new song in the mix, in the form of “Speechless”!

Performed by Naomi Scott, “Speechless” carries a powerful message about not letting anyone take away the power from inside you & to stay loyal to yourself, even if not everyone will agree with it.

Naomi delivers a passionate performance that captures the true spirit of princess Jasmine & showcases the powerhouse voice that she possesses.

I feel that many of us can relate to this song in one way or another, which help’s to build a personal connection from the first time that you hear it.

I believe this song has captured the true essence of what we have grown to love about Aladdin, while also adding something extra that help’s to build on the story that we have all grown up with.

I believe that this song is going to be one that lives on for a long time to come & I for one will be keeping it on my playlist for the foreseeable future.

You can check out “Speechless” below.

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