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Review: Enya Magri Releases The Brand New Single “Safe Haven”!

10 years ago, Enya Magri was selected to take part in the fifty-second edition of Zecchimo d’Oro, one of the most highly sought after competitions for children. Fast forward to the present day, and Enya is back & putting her mark on the music world with her debut single “Safe Haven”!

With Enya’s sister Jody writing the lyrics & music/production by Cyprian Cassar, “Safe Haven” has the phrase “summer hit” written all over it.

The song features an incredibly catchy hook that reflects the sassy undertones behind Enya’s incredible voice & gives this artist the chance to showcase the natural passion that features deep within her vocals.

I honestly believe that Enya has a very exciting musical career ahead of her. With a unique voice that is instantly recognisable & a passion for music that shines through the duration of her music, there is no telling what this future superstar is capable of!

You can check out the official music video for “Safe Haven” below.

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