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Review: Kash & Misspstar Release The Official Video For “Ego”!

New York music sensation Kash has teamed-up alongside Harlem rapper Misspstar to release the official video for their recent single “Ego”!

This latest single is a comment on the opinion that women should not have to accept being ridiculed for dressing & acting how they please.

The single highlights a number of very important issues that surround society as we currently know it & shares a very encouraging message to many of us about standing strong together.

I feel that Kash delivers a powerhouse performance during the entire duration of this latest single & reflects the passionate elements that feature throughout the compelling lyrics.

Misspstar perfectly reflects this power behind Kash’s voice by delivering a stellar vocal performance that beautifully adds an extra spark to this single.

The official video highlights the “tell it how it is” vibe from Kash & features a variety of natural sunlight, quick cuts, and glitches that help you to get a full sense of the message that this song is trying to deliver.

You can check out the official video for “Ego” below.

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