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Review: Miriam Christine Releases The Official Video For “Bi Ftit Kliem”!

Photo: Kris Micallef

Having represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest, won the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, ranked top 3 in both L-G ħanja tal-Poplu and the Festival tal-Kanzunetta Maltija, Miriam Christine has positively made her mark on the music world & now she is back with the brand new single “Bi Ftit Kliem”!

Speaking about her brand new release, Miriam answered “I started working on this project after my father passed away, wanting to bare my soul for all to see… When he was gone, I learned a lot about life, especially about what matters most …Bi Ftit Kliem is the letter that I’ve always wanted to write to my children but couldn’t…”

She adds that they are“a few words that every mother felt and wanted to say to her children, even if maybe certain life’s circumstances stopped her from doing so. Therefore… this song is for all those who feel that their mother is not there for them for one reason or another…. a mother loved you from the very start. And she always did the best she could”.

The song highlights the raw emotion that features deep within Miriam’s voice & reflects the purity behind the lyrics perfectly, which help’s you to build an instant connection with the personal elements featured within the lyrics behind this musical sensation.

Miriam has a unique musical talent that is truly one to be admired. The beauty & emotion that this talented artist portrays through the duration of her songs highlights the natural creativity that this artist possesses. This is one song that I would strongly recommend checking out!

You can check out the official video for “Bi Ftit Kliem” below.

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