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Review: Sam Lyon Releases The Brand New Single “It’s A Beautiful Life”!

Singer/songwriter Sam Lyon has released the brand new single “It’s A Beautiful Life”!

Speaking about her latest release Sam told us “The song was actually inspired by a friend of mine. He’s a big-bearded chap who always wears a leather jacket, literally as masculine as you can imagine.
A few months after we became friends, I found out that he’s actually a dancer and studies dance at university. I was really surprised as he was the last person I could imagine dancing.”

Sam described the meaning behind the song as “Learning to love who you really are and not being ashamed of it. It’s about having confidence and self-appreciation and being non-judgemental”.

She continued “The song is an all-around feel-good anthem, and for me, it was a new avenue to explore genre-wise, as I’ve always kept my songs band-orientated.”

The song highlights the natural harmonic tone behind Sam’s beautiful voice & gives this artist the opportunity to showcase the emotive layers that feature throughout her unique & pure vocals.

You feel an instant connection between Sam & the lyrics from the first time that you listen, which help’s you to build your own personal connection with the song itself.

Talking about the official video that accompanies this release, Sam said
“The music video also follows the (fictional) lives of a young man who’s first shown as a weightlifter, and later reveals himself as a lover of drag, and also a young girl who stereotypically is sat playing with dolls and girly toys, watching her brother playing football and wondering why she can’t do it. By the end of the video, she’s playing fearlessly and scoring goals, and celebrating with her brother.”

Overall, I believe that this single has given Sam the opportunity to showcase the natural musical ability that she possesses & given us the chance to see another piece of the exciting musical journey that is in store for this incredibly talented artist!

Sam has a number of upcoming tour dates throughout the UK in June, which you can check out via the poster below or by clicking the link right here.

You can check out the official video for “It’s A Beautiful Life” below.

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