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Review: Sabrina Carpenter Releases The Emotional New Single “Exhale”!

Music sensation Sabrina Carpenter has released the Electro-R&B inspired single “Exhale” from her upcoming fourth studio album Singular: Act II!

Many of Sabrina’s fan will be familiar with this latest release as Carpenter had performed it during a number of concerts during her Singular Tour.

The song focuses on when you lose yourself in the world around you & wanting to take some time away & escape back into your own environment so you can reflect on finding the person who you believe yourself to be.

The passion behind Sabrina’s voice takes centre stage for the duration of this single & perfectly brings the emotion of the lyrics to life through the emotive range that features deep within this talented artist’s outstanding voice.

The song can connect with many of us on a personal level, which help’s you to build an instant connection with the lyrics from the first few listens.

I believe that Sabrina has brought us another incredible musical release that showcases the kind-hearted nature behind this artist & gives you the chance to see the emotive essence that features deep within this talented artist’s beautiful voice.

You can check out “Exhale” on Spotify below!

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