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Review: Noelle Chiodo Releases The Passion Filled Single “Damage Is Done”!

Rising music sensation Noelle Chiodo has recently released the brand new single “Damage Is Done!”

Noelle declared that “Damage Is Done was inspired by a relationship where I was cheated on and knowing that I was being cheated on. I broke up with the guy and as expected he came running back to me, apologizing, but the DAMAGE was DONE and I was done.”

The song perfectly showcases the fierce & passionate energy that features deep within Noelle’s voice, which help’s you to build a connection with the song from the very first listen.

You can clearly see that this song features a deep personal connection for Noelle & that natural connection gives this talented artist the opportunity to deliver a full energetic performance for the entire duration of this song.

I believe that there is something about Noelle’s music that delivers a full impact from the moment you listen & you become instantly connected with the song from a few seconds of hearing it. This is a song I would highly recommend!

Noelle will be following on from this latest release with a brand new single that is set to be released early June, which will be followed up with a brand new EP in mid-July!

The EP will feature 4 of her released single, a new surprise single, a number of DJ mixes & an acoustic version of her debut single “Up All Night”!

You can check out the official video for “Damage Is Done” below!

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Damage Is Done Available on ALL Music Platforms

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