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Review: Shawn Mendes Releases The Brand New Single “If I Can’t Have You”!

Global music sensation Shawn Mendes has released the brand new single “If I Can’t Have You”!

This latest release shares the emotions you can experience when someone you care deeply for is no longer in your life & you can’t focus on anything without them by your side.

This song has given Shawn a perfect opportunity to showcase the emotive nature behind his voice, which beautifully helps to construct the narrative behind the heartfelt lyrics.

I believe that Shawn has delivered another incredible piece of music, which help’s to showcase the unique creative talent that this artist possesses.

The way that Shawn has used the emotional underlay behind his voice to deliver a passionate performance for the duration of this single gives you the opportunity to reflect what an incredibly creative artist Shawn truly is. I would highly recommend giving this single a listen!

You can check out the official video for “If I Can’t Have You” below.

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