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Review: Annica Milán Releases The Brand New Single “Better Alone”!

Musician Annica Milán has released the emotionally filled new single “Better Alone”!

This latest release focuses on spreading a positive message about sharing love & acceptance through your life’s journey & continuing to support others through theirs.

I feel that Annica has brought the emotive narrative behind the lyrics to life by using the angelic texture behind her voice to deliver an impact that help’s define the passionate nature behind this latest track.

The power that features within Annica’s voice is truly one to be admired. The emotion behind it perfectly defines the nature behind this song & highlights the emotive genius that Annica possesses.

The way that Annica has delivered a full personal & passionate performance through the duration of this song gives you a real insight into the star quality that features deep within this talented artist’s musical gift & shows what incredible prospects lay ahead of this future musical sensation.

You can check out the official video for “Better Alone” below.

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