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Review: Hazel Releases The Brand New Single “Tell Me If I’m Wrong”!

R&B music sensation Hazel has released the brand new single “Tell Me If I’m Wrong”!

This latest release focuses on staying loyal to yourself & not letting anyone who treats you badly or lies to you back into your life.

The song features an incredibly catchy hook that perfectly brings out the fierce nature behind the lyrics & showcases the intense quality behind Hazel’s voice.

The way that Hazel carries a sense of raw passion through the duration of the song help’s to build on the dramatic energy behind the lyrics & gives you the opportunity to connect with the narrative behind the song from the first few listen’s.

I feel that there is something incredibly unique about Hazel’s voice & that it is going to be one that I remember.
The way she uses the natural energy within her voice to build on the energy behind the lyrics is simply a musical gift to be admired.

You can check out “Tell Me If I’m Wrong” on Spotify below.

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