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Review: Kelsey Lamb Releases The Brand New Single “Girl At A Bar”!

Country music star Kelsey Lamb has released her brand new single “Girl At The Bar”!

Kelsey’s latest release focuses on seeing your ex unexpectedly with someone knew & feeling a sudden rush of emotions that you thought you had learned to accept.

Through the duration of this single, you feel the full emotion behind Kelsey’s voice & get a real sense of the person behind the music.

The way that she has been able to tell such an emotional story that I believe we have all experienced in one way or another is a true statement to her talent as a musician.

I feel that when you are listening to Kelsey, you are actually listening to a future superstar in the making. The passion that she constantly delivers through her music is truly inspiring & help’s you to connect with her music on a deeper level. I would highly recommend giving Kelsey a listen!

You can check out “Girl At The Bar” on Spotify below.

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