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Review: Olivia Pierce Releases The Brand New Single “Like Kylie”!

Rising Country-pop music sensation Olivia Pierce has released the brand new single “Like Kylie”!

This latest release focuses on looking for inspiration when you feel that your career is going nowhere. Even though you might feel lost now, there is something exciting right around the corner.

Olivia’s voice is full of pop & country vibes mixed with a piece of R&B, which really suits the style of the song & help’s to deliver an impact from the very first listen.

The song features an incredibly catchy hook that will have you dancing along in no time at all & will have you singing out loud (In my case I should probably leave the singing to the professionals).

Overall, I believe that Olivia has delivered a catchy single that will have us all dancing along for days. The song captures your attention from the very first listen & showcases the natural talent behind Olivia’s voice. A great performance by this gifted artist!

You can check out “Like Kylie” on Spotify below.

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