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Review: Brooklyn Roebuck Releases The Brand New Single “Break It Again”!

Country music sensation Brooklyn Roebuck has released the brand new single “Break It Again”!

Brooklyn’s latest release focuses on a relationship that ends in heartbreak that you want to relive so that you can experience the good times from it once again.

The song features an emotive hook that brings out the raw texture behind Brooklyn’s voice & gives her vocals a chance to take centre stage through the duration of the song.

I believe the lyrics can connect with each of us on a personal level, which help’s you to feel lost within the story behind the lyrics.

I believe that Brooklyn has delivered another phenomenal song that help’s showcase her talent as a musician & I don’t think it will be long before we see this incredibly gifted artist heading to the top of the charts.

You can check out “Break It Again” on Spotify below.

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