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Review: Kara Connolly Releases The Brand New Single “Let Me Go”!

The very talented Kara Connolly has released the inspiring new track “Let Me Go”!

Kara’s latest release focuses on encouraging you to make your own path in life & trust in your own instincts, despite what anyone (Including the people closest to you) may think.

I feel that this track has given Kara a chance to show the emotive passion behind her incredible vocals, which help’s to deliver a clear passionate encouraging message through the duration of the song.

The song features an incredibly catchy hook that will have you wanting to keep it on replay for days, so make sure you clear some spare time before listening to this!

I believe that this single has a very special place in Kara’s heart as you can feel an instant connection from the very first listen.

Overall, I believe that Kara has delivered an incredible new single that highlights the purity behind her angelic voice. This is certainly an artist that you are going to want to keep your eye on!

You can check out “Let Me Go” on Spotify below.

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