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Review: Jessica Magro Releases The Inspiring New Single “Fearless”!

Upcoming pop music sensation Jessica Magro has recently released her brand new single “Fearless”!

Jessica’s latest release is a reminder that even when everything is not going to plan, we should not give up & continue to try to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way.

The way that this talented artist uses the vast range behind her vocals to bring the passion & determination behind the song to life is a true statement to what a unique musical gift that she possesses.

The tone behind the song gives Jessica a chance to show the dynamic texture behind the emotive piece of her voice & creates more of an impact on the message behind the lyrics.

I feel that Jessica has a very bright musical career ahead of her & this is one artist who I believe we should be keeping an eye on in the near future.

You can check out “Fearless” on Spotify below.

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