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Review: Valerie Broussard & Lindsey Stirling Team-Up For The Emotional Track “Deeper”!

Singer/songwriter Valerie Broussard has teamed-up alongside Lindsey Stirling to deliver the emotionaly heartfelt single “Deeper”!

This latest release features a very moving message about watching somebody who you care deeply for suffering from mental health or addiction.

The way that Valerie has delivered a heartfelt vocal performance through the duration of this song is a true statement for the raw emotional energy that features deep within her angelic voice.

Lindsey also delivers a stunning performance on this track by helping to bring another layer of pure & meaningful passion that captures the emotive nature that I believe these talented ladies were aiming to get across to the listeners of the song.

I honestly believe that this single can connect with many of us on a personal level & also feel that Valerie & Lindsey have created a piece of music that helps to showcase the creative musical spirits behind these two exceptional artists.

You can check out “Deeper” on Spotify below.

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