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Review: MISY Releases Her Brand New Single “One Last Drive”!

Upcoming pop/country musical sensation MISY has released her brand new single “One Last Drive”!

MISY’s latest release focuses on a couples relationship heading towards the end of its journey, but want to enjoy a last moment of passion before it reaches its final destination.

This latest release gives the passionate texture behind MISY’s voice a chance to take centre stage & embrace the sensual feeling behind the song.

The way that MISY focuses her attention on bringing out the seductive side behind the lyrics gives you an opportunity to see the diverse vocal range behind this talented artist.

I believe this song perfectly showcases the natural talent behind this incredible artist & leaves you craving more. I believe we could be seeing MISY taking her place at the top of the charts very soon.

You can check out “One Last Drive” on Spotify below.

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