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Review: Eleri Angharad Releases The Brand New Album ‘Earthbound’!

Upcoming country music sensation Eleri Angharad has released the brand new album ‘Earthbound’!

Eleri’s latest release features 12 tracks, including two versions of the title track “Earthbound”, along with “The Ship”, that features a story of a stormy breakup, that in its first week gained over 2,500 streams on Spotify. This release also gained Eleri recognition as Swansea Music Hub’s Artist of the Week.

The way that Eleri has delivered an album full of diverse tracks that highlight the soulful nature behind her incredible voice is a true statement to the creative musical styling behind this gifted artist.

Each song has given Eleri a chance to show the variety of emotional elements that feature deep within her captivating vocal tone, by bringing out the raw energy that features throughout the lyrics of each of the tracks, which helps to bring an automatic connection from the very first listen.

A number of my favourite tracks from this latest album include “Don’t Take Me Home”, “The Ship”, & “Never Get To Say Goodbye”.

Overall, I believe that Eleri has delivered a stunning album that highlights the creative genius behind her musical talent. Each song takes you on a musical journey that captivates your attention from start to finish & leaves you craving more. I would highly recommend!

You can check out ‘Earthbound’ on Spotify below.

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