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Review: Savannah Keyes Releases The Brand New Single “Ghost”!

Country singer/songwriter Savannah Keyes has released the brand new single “Ghost”!

Savannah’s latest release speaks about the fear of becoming to romantically involved within a relationship & every time you feel the connection is becoming too strong. You start to ignore their messages & start ghostin’ them.

The feel-good vibe that features within the backing track of the song beautifully accompanies the delicate nature behind Savannah’s vocals & gives her a chance to showcase the pure talent that she possesses.

There is something about the way that Savannah has used the vast range behind her vocals to create a feeling of regret about leaving the person behind but also a sense of fun that gives you a chance to connect more with the artist behind the music.

This talented artist has a bright musical career ahead of her & there is no telling what incredible musical journey is ahead of her. One name I guarantee you should be keeping an eye on!

You can check out “Ghost” on Spotify below.

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