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Review: Adelén Releases The Fiery New Single “What’s Next”!

Not long ago musical sensation Adelén announced the release of her brand new single “What’s Next” & now the wait is finally over!

Adelén’s latest release features a fresh & fiery uptempo feel that will have you dancing along from the very first moment that you hear it.

The song features a mixture of fun & sassy lyrics that are brought to life through Adelén’s passionate energy through the duration of the song.

I feel that the single captures the essence behind this talented artist’s musical style & gives us a chance to see the person behind the music.

Overall, I believe that Adelén has a very passionate musical gift that help’s to deliver the full impact of the song & grabs your attention from the very first moment of listening. This is one song I believe we could be seeing take over the charts very soon!

You can check out “What’s Next” on Spotify below.

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