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Review: Ingrid Berg Mehus Releases The Brand New EP ‘Feel’!

Violinist & singer Ingrid Berg Mehus has released her brand new EP titled ‘Feel’!

This latest release features 6 songs that beautifully showcase the pure angelic quality behind Ingrid’s vocals & gives her an opportunity to showcase the raw natural talent that she possesses.

Each song features a genuine connection that captures your attention from the very first listen & gives you a strong sense of the artist behind the music.

You feel a real sense of pure magic in every song that features on this EP & each track features its own unique story that is brought to life through the passionate energy Ingrid delivers within each song.

I honestly believe that Ingrid has an incredible musical gift that is perfectly showcased through the duration of this latest release. I would highly recommend giving this EP a listen!

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.

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