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Review: Michela Releases Her Brand New Single “Chameleon”!

Photo: Michela”Chameleon” Official Video.

Michela Pace has released her brand new single “Chameleon” & it is bringing all the early summer vibes!

This latest release is a tribute to staying true to who you are even when obstacles may stand in your way & never let anyone destroy the burning passion that features inside of you.

I feel that this song perfectly defines the sassy nature behind Michela’s incredible voice & gives her the opportunity to deliver a passionate performance from start to finish.

The song captures your full attention after the very first listen & will have you dancing along in no time!

I feel that there is some amazing things in store for Michela. She has such an incredible & passionate voice that is showcased in full force during the entire duration of this fun & catchy song. I can honestly say that this has a very strong chance of becoming a future summer anthem!

Michela will also be representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, in May with “Chameleon”.

You can check out the official video for “Chameleon” below.

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