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Review: Ava Max Releases Her Brand Single “So Am I”!

Following up from the smash sensation “Sweet But Pyscho”, Ava Max has released her inspiring new single “So Am I”!

Ava’s latest release is an inspiring pop number that teaches us that it’s okay to be different & we should not change ourselves for anybody!

I love that Ava has continued to carry on the sassy vibe from “Sweet But Pyscho” but has also delivered a whole new attire with this fun & catchy pop number that will have you singing along in no time (In my case badly. Sorry Ava!).

The message behind this song is an extremely positive message that we should be sharing within society & I feel that Ava should be very proud of the way that she used her creative talent to help spread a positive influence within the world.

Overall, I believe that Ava has delivered another stellar song full of pop perfection & can see this song storming the charts asap!

I certainly would recommend giving this song a listen if you are looking for a fun & positive song that you could keep on repeat for hours.

You can check out the official video for “So Am I” below!

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