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Review: Louis Tomlinson Releases The Emotional New Single “Two Of Us”!

Musician Louis Tomlinson has released the heartbreaking tribute titled “Two Of Us”.

This latest release from Louis is a heart-touching lyrical masterpiece, which is a beautiful tribute for his mother who sadly passed away in 2016.

The single was written by Bryn Christopher, Andrew Jackson, Duck Blackwell & Louis himself.

While listening to this song, you find yourself feeling lost within the passionate energy behind the lyrics & can’t help but feel a strong emotional connection from the very first listen.

I believe that this single has showcased Louis individuality as an artist & delivered a heartfelt song that you can’t help but feel moved every time that you hear it.

Another factor about this song is that it has given Louis a chance to not only show his talent as a singer but as a songwriter as well.

I feel that this is such an incredible tribute & I for one had tears in my eyes during the first time that I heard it (I’m not crying, you are!). I feel that Louis should be incredibly proud of what he has been able to deliver here & I know for a fact that there will be many people who will be moved by this emotional tribute.

You can check out “Two Of Us” on Spotify below.

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