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Sarah Darling Releases Brand New Single “Fire” & Announces Upcoming Album ‘Wonderland’!

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Country singer/songwriter Sarah Darling has released her brand new single “Fire”, along with information regarding her upcoming album ‘Wonderland’!

As she prepares for her upcoming tour, Sarah Darling has announced that her 5th studio album ‘Wonderland’ will be released on the 7th June 2019, but thats not all. Along with the release date for her brand new album, Sarah has also released her brand new single “Fire”.

Speaking about her brand new album“Making ‘Wonderland’ has turned out to be one of the greatest musical adventures I’ve ever had” she explains, “Every song tells my story, and imprints this very special time in my life; when I got to create a country album in the UK! ‘Wonderland’ represents the greatest road trip of my life. Each song is a stop on the map, and important lessons along the way.”

Sarah’s latest album will feature 13 tracks written by a variety of songwriters from the US & UK, which has been a dream for Sarah for a number of years. Sarah said “I’ve been in England for most of the year co-writing and working with producers. On this project, it’s really about new friends and new ideas. I literally would walk into a co-writing session, and had never met the person before. It’s so incredibly exciting to be finishing up the album, and to say I’ve recorded this in a different country. It’s a true reflection of me, and the current ride I’m on. Not to mention, I have new friends and memories for life. Music is about the connection. I’m so proud to share this trans-Atlantic collaboration. It’s the greatest adventure of my life to date!”

Sarah will be starting her UK tour next week, where she will be performing a taste of ‘Wonderland’ for her fans. Speaking about her UK tour Sarah said “I’m so excited to be returning to the UK to share my new music. Doubly excited since many of the tracks on ‘Wonderland’ are “made in the UK” with UK co-writers and producers! Britain has a special place in my heart, and the audiences have always been so warm and welcoming.”

You can check out “Fire” on Spotify below.

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