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Review: Luca Hänni Releases His Brand New Single “She Got Me”!

Swiss pop sensation Luca Hänni, has released his brand new single titled “She Got Me”!

Luca’s latest release is bringing all the early summer vibes by delivering a catchy uptempo number that will certainly have you dancing along from the very time that you hear it!

I feel that this is a perfect match for Luca’s enchanting vocals as it has given him a chance to deliver a full impact of pop perfection. The song not only captures the charismatic charm of Luca’s voice but also delivers a fun uptempo vibe that instantly captures your full attention.

I can honestly say that I can see this song making a huge impact on the global charts very soon & believe that this is going to be a future summer anthem. I would honestly recommend checking out this song ASAP!

You can check out the official video for “She Got Me” below.

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