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Review: John Adams Releases His Brand New EP ‘No White Lies’!

Singer/songwriter John Adams has recently released his brand new 5-track EP titled ‘No White Lies’!

John’s latest release focuses on highlighting the pure & natural musical talent that he possess & gives him a chance to showcase the captivating ability behind his distinctive musical style.

I feel that each track features a special connection for John, which helps to build a strong connection between himself & the listeners. I feel that if you can get a sense about an artist from the music that they release, you can connect even more with their songs on a personal level.

Each song is given a chance to highlight the raw vulnerability behind his incredible voice & by doing this, it adds a little something extra to the emotive context behind each of the tracks. I believe that there is a track on this EP that we can all connect with on a deeply personal level.

Overall, I believe that John has such an incredibly emotional texture within his voice that just connects with you from the very first few listens. You also find yourself feeling lost within the dramatic undertone of John’s pure musical style & feeling so emotionally invested within the stories behind each of the tracks featured. I would highly recommend giving this EP a listen!

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.

You can find out information about John Adams current tour dates by clicking here.

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