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Review: Tamta Releases Her Brand New Single “Replay”!

Pop sensation Tamta has just released her brand new single that is certainly going to make you want to hit “Replay“!

This catchy track is giving all the summer feels & will have you dancing along from the very first few seconds of listening.

I believe that Tamta’s voice perfectly showcases the sassy & fierce passion behind the lyrics & gives her a chance to show off the strong passion the features deep within her stunning vocals.

I feel that this single beautifully incorporates the vibrant energy that we have seen from Tamta over the years & gives her a chance to show the fiery passion that features within her musical style.

Overall, I believe that song is an absolutely perfect match for Tamta, as the song showcases the incredible musical talent that she possesses & I can honestly see this song taking over the charts very soon. A song I would highly recommend checking out!

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