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Review: TXT Release Their Debut Single “Crown”!

Big Hit Entertainment’s newest boyband TXT (Aka Tomorrow_X_Together) have released their highly anticipated debut single “Crown”!

The group have not only released their debut single but also have an album called ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR‘ to go accompany it!

This very catchy track perfectly highlights each of the five members talents & gives us a chance to get to know them & see their amazing chemistry right from the start.

I feel that single plays to each of their strengths & delivers an instant impact from the first time that you hear it. You just know that you will be dancing along to this for a long while to come after you listen to it.

This single has all the makings of a future worldwide hit & you just know that this is going to be a boyband that you are going to want to be keeping you eye on. With a strong debut like this, anything is possible for these talented artists.

You can check out “Crown” below.

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