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Review: Bailey Bryan Releases Her Brand New Single “Perspective”!

Country singer/songwriter Bailey Bryan has released her new single “Perspective”, which is the second helping from her upcoming EP that is set to be released later this year.

Bailey’s latest release gives her a chance to showcase the raw natural desire that features deep within her voice & gives her sweet angelic harmonies a chance to take the lead on this incredible number.

I love the way that each of Bailey’s songs gives a real sense of the artist behind the music, which gives the listeners a chance to emotionally invest within the narrative behind each of her songs.

I feel that when you are listening to a song like this, you just feel invested within the vulnerability behind the lyrics as you can invest your own stories to the meaning behind the song, which makes you want to keep listening to this song on repeat.

Overall, I believe that this single is a shining example of the creative talent that we have come to love from Bailey in recent times & builds a solid foundation for her upcoming EP (I can’t wait!), which creates a certain curiosity of what is still to come from the talented artist. Definitely, a name that you are going to want to keep your eye on!

You can check out “Perspective” below!

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