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Review: Malou Prytz Releases Her Brand New Single “I Do Me”!

Musician Malou Prytz has released her brand new single titled “I Do Me”!

Malou latest release is a fair well tribute to her lying ex, who she is never going to let back into her life (Yes girl!).

The sassy & fierce lyrics make you want to sing & dance along from the first few listens & perfectly delivers a real “see ya later!” vibe, which I think we have all felt at some point & wanted to say to someone.

I believe that this song showcases the sassy texture behind Malou’s stunning voice & gives her a chance to put her mark on the music world.

There is a certain quality behind this song that gives you a strong feel for Malou’s fresh musical style & in my opinion, I believe that we could be seeing a future superstar in the making. Malou is going to be a name you are going to be wanting to keep an eye on!

You can check out “I Do Me” on YouTube below.

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