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Review: Lisa Ajax Releases Her Brand New Single “Torn”!

Musician Lisa Ajax has released her emotionaly heart-touching new single titled “Turn”!

Lisa’s latest release focuses the heartbreak you feel when someone you thought you could trust betrays it, and you feel that even though they may do the same again, they could also be the only ones to repair the emotional wounds they have caused.

I feel that the power within Lisa’s voice gives the song a little something extra & help’s you to engage even more with the emotional lyrics behind the song.

There is something about this song that just captures your attention from the very first listen. You find yourself feeling lost within the emotive lyrics & I believe many of us can connect with them on a very deep personal level.

I believe that Lisa was the perfect person to portray the deep passion behind this song as I feel she has such an incredible voice, which is just full of such raw & pure emotion that just brings the pure magic behind the song to life. I would highly recommened this song to anybody!

You can check out “Torn” on Spotify below.

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