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Review: John Lundvik Releases His Brand New Single “Too Late For Love”!

Singer/songwriter John Lundvik has released his brand new single “Too Late For Love”!

John’s latest release focuses on looking back at a past lover & wondering if there is a chance of rekindling the spark that was once between them as they believe that this person is the one they want to spend the rest of their life with.

The delicate soulful tones behind John’s incredible voice take full control on this song & delivers a clear emotional impact from the first time that you listen.

I believe that John has been able to showcase the passion that features deep within his voice & uses that power to capture your attention from the first few seconds of listening.

There is something about this song that has makings of a future global hit & I would not be surprised if we see this song reaching the top of the charts very soon.

You can listen to “Too Late For Love” below.

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