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Review: Elli Moore Releases Official Video For Debut Single “Gateway”!

Photo: Elli More “Gateway” Official Video.

Elli Moore has put her stamp on the music world by releasing her debut single “Gateway”!

In her opening solo debut to the music world, Elli has brought us a single that features an upbeat pop style genre that focuses on an ex-boyfriend who Elli is struggling to get over.

This catchy single gives Elli a chance to showcase the power within her vocal tone & gives us a chance to see Elli’s individual musical style, which in my opinion brings a breath of fresh air into the current pop market.

The official video for “Gateway” focuses on Elli hosting a house party when her ex arrives (Uh oh!) and all the sudden urges to be with him overwhelm her control & it is left to her friends to stop her from going back to something that will probably end up in disaster (Girl squad!).

I love how the official video features cameos from Gabbie Hanna, Niki Demartino, Lexi Jayde, Tati Mcquay, Brighton Sharbino, Saxon Sharbino, & Bryce Xavier because I feel that it adds more of a personal connection to the storyline of the video.

I feel that the song & video go hand in hand & has given Elli a chance to show the world what her musical talent is made of. The way this talented artist has been able to deliver such an incredibly catchy song that could easily become a chart hit shows that this artist has a very bright musical career ahead of her & is a name I know you are going to want to keep your eye on!

You can check out the official video for “Gateway” below!

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